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Join us Sunday, May 8! Call to make a reservation today. 630.262.1000⁠

Mixed Fruit & Berries:⁠
Melon, pineapple and berries, whipped ricotta, granola, honey and fresh mint⁠

Pastrami Style Trout Belly:⁠
Creme fraiche, toasted marble rye, pickled mustard seed, sauerkraut⁠

Kale salad:⁠
Crispy spiced shallots, fried chickpeas, shaved fennel, fire roasted peppers, goat cheese, herbs,⁠
orange-horseradish vinaigrette⁠

Steak and Egg:⁠
Grilled petit tender, provolone scramble, potato pave, roasted asparagus, French onion jus⁠

Wild Mushroom Omelets:⁠
Muenster cheese, spinach, baby kale, radish, radicchio and green goddess⁠

Porchetta Hash:⁠
Potato, sunny side egg, roasted red onion & shishito peppers and salsa verde⁠

Niche Smash Burger:⁠
Brioche, smoked cheddar, balsamic onion marmalade, whipped stout butter, garlic herb frites⁠

Belgian Yeast Waffle:⁠
Bacon, stewed berries, chantilly cream, maple anglaise, toasted chia seeds⁠

Fjord Trout Benedict:⁠
Toasted English Muffins, sauteed spinach, bearnaise, pickled shallot⁠

Old fashioned donut:⁠
White chocolate glaze, milk crumbs, sprinkles⁠

Lemon Napoleon:⁠
Puff pastry, lemon poppyseed mousse, pastry cream, lemon mostarda, chantilly⁠

Carrot Cake:⁠
Cream cheese frosting, ginger biscuit, candied walnuts, rum – raisin glaze⁠

Crispy Pork Belly & Citrus Marmalade⁠
Blistered green beans w/ bagna cauda & toasted macadamia nuts⁠
Soft scrambled eggs & chives⁠
Herb garlic frites⁠

$48/ person. $24 kids 12 and under⁠

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