**items are subject to change, we will update the food daily.  

Starters & Small plates


Warm Pretzel Twists
cultured butter & candied garlic

Niche Burger

CDK farms grind, house made brioche, smoked cheddar, balsamic red onion jam, whipped stout butter, herbed garlic frittes


Charred Cauliflower
harissa verde, za'atar spiced crispy red onions, tahini lemon yogurt, caramelized mango syrup - GF 


Artisan Cheese Plate
toasted nuts, preserves, fresh fruit, house crackers

Crispy Frog Legs
Tempura, kohlrai slaw, honey - lime vinaigrette, vindaloo, curry pickled cauliflower, micro cilantro - GF

Roasted Octopus

manchego croqueta, piquillo, braised artichoke, pioarra pepper, spanish olive, lemon aioli 

Housemade Sausage Board
Chorizo, smoked hot link, roasted serrano + black garlic , B & B pickles, stone ground mustard, sourdough


Soup & Salad


Baby Spinach
Roasted garlic hummus, garlic honey, pickled fennel, pomegranate seed, apple, smoky pomegranate vinaigrette - GF


Lolla Rossa
Crispy butternut squash, candied hazelnut, black pepper ricotta, cranberry, orange supreme, banyuls vinaigrette -GF

Baby Gem Caesar

Crispy chicken confit, red wine pickled red onion, hericot vert, watermelon radish, parmesan sablé, cured egg yolk, anchovy parmesan emulsion


ask your server for tonight's selection




Green Circle Farms Half Chicken
Roasted Chestnut, braised apple, sweet potato, tangy maple bourbon glaze, crispy pancetta, pickled peach & smoked cranberry mostarda - GF


Duroc Pork Shank

Roastd Pumpkin & Pasilla chile puree, sofrito, spiced pepitas, pickled chayote squash, warm bacon vinaigrette, cilantro -Gf

Pan Roasted Swordfish
calabrian chili sausage, braised soppersatta, white bean stew, preserved lemon, chili aioli, cheese pasta crisp, fried kale

Pan Seared Fjord Trout
Celery root hash, crispy marbled potatoes, sherried shitake mushrooms, roquette greens, tarragon vinaigrette, hollandaise - GF

Roasted Atlantic Sanddabs

creamy rutabega risotto, butternut squash, yellow beets, fines herb salad, crispy parsley, pickled fennel, saffron veloute - GF

CDK Strip Steak

marble potatoes, pickled turnip, roasted baby fennel, porcini mushroom bordelaise, radish, fennel oil

Steak Frittes

pan seared petit tender, kennebec frites, sauce au poivre, chives - GF



 Side Dishes            


Bone Marrow Fried Rice & Soft Egg       Single  or  Shareable Sizes                        


Herbed Garlic Frittes     Single  or  Shareable  Sizes                                                 



Forbidden Fruit

"Honeycrisp Apple" - Apple pie filling, white chocolate ganache, cider donuts, pumpkin butter, pumpkin spice gelato, cranberry streusel, bourbon caramel sauce


Girl In Red
Flourless chocolate cake, chocolate ganache, red wine poached pears, bourbon cherries, red wine reduction, cardamom ice cream - GF

Cotton Candy

Flavor of the day

Ice Cream Drinks:


Schramm's Balaton Cherry Mead, Sipsmith Sloe Gin, chocolate swirl


Creme de Menthe, Creme de Cocoa, Choclate Swirl