Jackie O's Java the Stout  $6                   

Jackie O's Brewery, OH
Coffee Stout - 6.50% ABV

Art History Good Morning Munich  $7

Art History Brewing,  Geneva, IL
Helles Lager - 5.20% ABV

Ballast Point 2017 Victory at Sea  BA/High West  $8

Ballast Point Brewing Co., San Diego CA
Barrel Aged Imperial Porter - 12% ABV

Modelo  $6

Lager - 4.40% ABV

Mikerphone Smells Like Bean Spirit Hazelnut  $8 

Mikerphone, IL
Stout/Hazelnut- 10.00% ABV

Werk Force Sleepy Bear choice, salted caramel  $8

Werk Force Brewing, IL
Stout - 13.50% ABV

Firestone Velvet Merkin  $8

Firestone Brewing, CA
Oatmeal Stout - 8.50% ABV

Three Floyd's Rabbid Rabbit  $7

Three Floyds Brewery, IN
Hopped Belgian Saison - 7.40% ABV

Werk Force Hippy Hop $7.50  

WErk Force Brewing, IL
Hazy Pale Ale  - 5.80%


Grab 3 different beers from our tap list.  We always offer all types of styles and flavors to choose from.  You receive 4 ounces of each beer you choose.  Choose wisely!


Pale & Hoppy

Phase Three "Abstract Technicality" Double IPA {pub can}  $7.00

Phase Three Watercolor Painted Sky {pub can}  $7.00

Phase Three Perpetual Sounds {pub can}  $7.00


Boon “Kriek Mariage Parfait” Old Style Cherry Lambic {12.7oz}  $17.00

Cuvee des Jacobins Flanders Red Sour  $12.00

Drie Fonteinen "Oude Kriek" Fruit Lambic 2016 {25.4oz}  $60.00

Drie Fonteinen Oude Kriek 2018 {12.7oz}  $26.00

Drie Fonteinen Armand & Gaston {25.4oz}  $52.00
Drie Fonteinen Armand & Gaston {12.7oz$28.00

Drie Fonteinen Oude Geueze  {25.4oz}  $48.00

Drie Fonteinen Oude Geueze {12.7oz}  $28.00

Firestone Walker "Agrestic" American Wild Red Ale {12.7oz}  $9.00

Goose Island “Gillian 2015” Farmhouse Ale {750ml}  $14.00
Goose Island “Madame Rose 2015” Flanders Oud Bruin {750ml}  $12.00
Hair Of The Dog/DeProef “Flanders Fred” Old Ale {25.4oz}  $9.00

Jester King "Nobel King" Hoppy Farmhouse Saison {25.4oz}  $10.00

Jester King "Simple Means" Farmhouse Altbier/smoked malt {25.4oz}  $10.00

Jester King "Boxer's Revenge" American Wild Ale {25.4oz}  $26.00

Lambickx “Private Domain” 2015 {12.7oz}  $20.00

Logsdon "The Conversion" Organic Northwest Sour Farmhouse Ale {25.4oz}  $10.00

Logsdon "The Conversion - Series 2" Organic Northwest Sour Farmhouse Ale {25.4oz}  $10.00

Mikkeller “Spontanrosehip” Lambic {375ml}  $8.00

New Belgium "Le Terroir 2016" Wood Aged, Dry Hopped Sour Ale{22 oz}  $8.00

Tilquin "Oude Quetsche"  Gueuze plum {12.7 oz}  $34.00

Tilquin"Oude Gueuzerie" Gueuze {12.7 oz}  $30.00

Oude Mure Tilquin  {12.7oz}  $30.00

Oude Cassis Tilquin  {25.4oz}  $60.00

Oude “Beersel Oude Kriek Vieille” Lambic {12.7oz}  $18.00

The Bruery "Beret" American Wild Ale {750ml}  $10.00

The Bruery “Gypsy Tart” Flemish Brown Ale {750ml}  $10.00

The Bruery “Oude Tart 2015” Flemish Red Ale {750ml}  $20.00

The Bruery “Tart of Darkness” Sour Stout Aged in Oak Barrels {750ml}  $20.00

Upland “Revive” Sour Ale {500ml}  $4.00


Rich & Malty

Cigar City Maduro Brown Ale  $6.00

Firestone Walker “Helldorado 2016” Blonde Barleywine Ale {22oz}  $30.00

Goose Island "BCBW" 2016 Barrel-Aged Barley Wine {16.9oz}  $18.00

Goose Island "BCBW" 2017 Barrel-Aged Barley Wine {16.9oz}  $18.00

Lost Abbey “Santo Ron Diego” American Strong Ale {12.7oz}  $9.00

Lost Abbey “Track #8” Quadrupel {12.7oz}  $9.00

Pipeworks & Niche “Elijahs Revival" Wheat Wine {22oz}  $12.00

Pipeworks “The Revival” Barrel Aged Elijahs Revival {22oz}  $20.00
Surley “Ten” Old Ale {750ml}  $14.00

The Bruery “Melange No. 14” Strong Ale {750ml}  $12.00

The Bruery “White Oak” Wheat Wine {750ml}  $9.00


Dark & Roasty

Goose Island "BCBS" 2017 Barrel-Aged Stout {16.9oz}  $18.00

Pipeworks "As You Wish" BA Imperial Porter {22oz}  $40.00

Pipeworks “Orange Truffle Abduction” Imperial Stout {22oz}  $10.00

Pipeworks "The Coffee Break Abduction" 2018 Coffee Stout Aged in Heaven Hill Barrels {22oz}  $62.00

Pipeworks “Very Berry Abduction” Imperial Stout {22oz}  $12.00

The Bruery “9 Ladies Dancing” American Strong Ale {750ml}  $7.00

The Bruery “Share This: Mole” Imperial Stout {750ml}  $7.00

Three Floyd's Moloko Milk Stout {12 oz}  $6.50

Werk Force "BA Sleepy Bear" 2018 BA Imperial Stout {22 oz}  $32.00

Belgian & Belgian Style

2nd Shift "Katy" Oak-barrel Brett Saison {can}  $8.00

Chimay Blue Grand Reserve  $12.00

Duvel Belgium Strong Ale  $9.00

Fantome Hiver {25.4 oz}  $26.00

Fantome Pissenlit  {25.4 oz}  $26.00

Is/Was Brewing Perceived Distance Harvest (500ml)  $5.00

Is/Was Brewing Perceived Distance Harv. Brett (500ml)  $5.00
Goose Island “Matilda” Belgian Style Pale Ale  $6.00

Goose Island “Sofie” Saison  $7.00

Jester King "Das Wonderkind!" Saison [25.4 oz}  $12.00

Jester King "Snorkel" Saison with Oyster Mushrooms [25.4 oz}  $9.00

La Chouffe "Blonde" Golden Ale  $7.00

Logsdon "Oak Aged Bretta" Specialty Organic Farmhouse Ale [25.4 oz}  $12.00

Logsdon "Pêche n Bretta" Oak Aged Organic Saison w/ Peaches {25.4 oz}  $26.00
Orval “Trappist Ale” Belgian Pale Ale  $12.00

Tripel Karmeliet Triple  $9.00


Light, Crisp & Wheat

Busch Light "Latte" Can  $3.00

Great Lakes Eliot Ness Amber Ale  $6.00

Krombacher "Dark" German Schwarzbier  $5.00 

Miller High Life Champagne of Beer  $5.00

Uerige "Sticke" Amber  $10.00


Ciders & Fruit

Aval Cider (Funk$6.00

Aval Rose (Funk)  $6.00

Broken Brix Grandma's Elixir BA Cheery {750ml}  $16.00

Broken Brix Social Cherry Cider {12oz}  $9.00
Virtue “Lapinette” Brut Cider {765ml}  $10.00


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