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Signature Cocktails

Our cocktails are made to our exact specification's so every drink taste the same every time. 

Cascade of Green  $13

Cane Run Rum, Lime, Herb Syrup, Cucumber, Black Lava Salt

Smokey And The Bandit $16

Green River Straight Kentucky Bourbon, smoked glass, Walnut bitters, Foro Sweet Vermouth, cherries

Get Figgy With It $14

Fig and Date Infused Rye, Amaro Montenegro, Aperol, Lemon, Dried Fig


Carlita's Way $14

Bowman Sunset Hills Gin, Lavender syrup, Lime, Elderflower, Sparkling Wine

Prickle Me Pink $13
Wheatley Vodka, Prickly Pear Liquor, Lemon, Sage Syrup, Dried Dragon fruit

Guava Margarita $14
Corazon Blanco Tequila, Lime, Simple Syrup, Guava, Triple Sec, Pink peppercorn​​

Not Your Mom's Italian Highball $13

Averna Amaro, Lemon, Simple Syrup, Soda water

Old Fashioned

Niche Single Barrel Select Tumblin' Dice Old Fashioned  $16

Niche Single Barrel Select Bourbon Tumblin' Dice "Starman"  (5 year MGP), Orange twist garnish, Sugar, House Bitters, Bourbon cherries

House Old Fashioned  $13

Old Forester Signature Bourbon, Orange, House Made Bitters, Sugar, Bourbon Cherries, Splash soda water

Mezcal Old Fashioned  $13

Los Vecino's Mezcal, Orange, House Made Bitters, Sugar, Bourbon Cherries


Classic Cocktails

Niche Barrel Aged Manhattan $13

Our most popular drink over the years. Pretty much our staple.  The aging really rounds off all the sharp edges of the alcohol.  Sweet Vermouth, Bourbon, House made bitters, and our signature Bourbon Cherries

Vieux Carre $14

Niche High West American Prairie Single Barrel aged 11 months in Cognac Barrel, Meukow Cognac, Foro Vermouth, Dom Benedictine, Angostura Bitters, Peychaud's Bitters

Negroni $14

Bowman Gin, Campari, Foro Vermouth

French 75 $13

Bowman Gin, Lemon, Simple Syrup, Pierre Delize Sparkling

Boulevardier $14

Old Forester Statesman Bourbon, Campari, Foro Sweet Vermouth

Sazerac Cocktail $13

New Riff BIB Rye, Herbsaint (Anise), Peychaud's Bitters, Sugar

Black Rye Manhattan $14

Castle & Key Restoration Rye Single Barrel (Niche) "Vin's Diesel" , Ramazzotti Amaro, House-Made Bitters

Espresso Martini $14

Van Gogh Espresso Vodka, Espresso, St. George "Nola" Coffee Liquor, simple

Rob Roy $14

Cutty Sark 12 year, Foro Sweet vermouth, Angostura Bitters, Bourbon Cherries

Whiskey Sour $13

Michter's Bourbon, Lemon, Simple Syrup, Bourbon Cherries

Caipirinha $13

Novo Fogo Silver Cachaca, Lime, sugar


Berry Jane $9​

Mixed Berry Shrub, Soda Water, Plum Bitters

Lavender Paradise  $9

Grapefruit, Lavender Syrup, Soda Water

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