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Because sitting looking out the window needs some company, we're happy to give you the one-stop-shop convenience of picking up a bottle of wine, beer, or whiskey to go with your takeout. 


Niche Barrel Picks:

George Remus "Han Solo Berger," Bourbon MGP  $50.00

Whiskey Acres "667" Bourbon  $60.00

18th Street "Troy" Cask Strength MGP Rye (.375)  $40.00

18th Street "Abed" Cask Strength MGP Rye (.375)  $40.00

Knob Creek "15th Anniversary" Bourbon $56.00

Deadwood "Tumblin Dice" "Starman" MGP Cask Strength Bourbon  $56.00

Woodford Reserve Bourbon $56.00

Castle & Key Rye "Vin's Diesel" (1st Castle & Key barrel in Illinois"  $62.00

Senator "Padme Amidala" Rye $75.00

High West American Prairie finished 11 months in Cognac Barrel  $56.00

E.H. Taylor Single Barrel "Sunny & Clyde"  


Doc Swinson's 15 year  $155.00

Old Elk Reserve #2 Sour Mash  $95.00

I.W. Harper 15 year  $100.00

Big House Batch 4 (Sazerac 6 year)  $20.00

Very Old Barton 100 proof $12.00 (No limit)



Buffalo Trace Cream  $23.00

We almost always have other fun whiskeys for sale on our retail wall in the restaurant.  It's always worth a look.  You never know what you will find.

Upcoming Niche Barrel Picks:

Corazon aged in Stagg Jr Barrel

Knob Creek 

Weller "Full Proof" (way out)

Rebel Yell




Drie Fonteinen Oude Kriek - .375                                       $16.00        

Drie Fontenien Cuvee Armand & Gaston - .375                 $16.00                

Drie Fontenien Oude Gueze  - .375                                    $15.00

Goose Island BCBS Special #4 2020                                 $24.00

Goose Island BCBS Cola 2021                                            $14.00

Goose Island BCBS Cherry wood 2021                              $15.00

Goose Island BCBS Kentucky Fog 2020                            $20.00

Jester King "Noble King" Farmhouse 2022                          $13.00

Tilquin - .375                                                                          $15.00

Tilquin Mure - .375                                                                $18.00

Tilquin Plum - .375                                                               $18.00


Bottle Meade

Schramm’s Red Agnes    .375ml            $30.00

Schramm’s Marionberry .375ml            $30.00

Schramm’s The Statement .375ml        $22.00

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