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Come shop our convenient selection of premium niche single-barrel whiskeys. We have Weller Full Proof, E.H. Taylor Single Barrel, Elijah Craig Barrel Proof, and many more to choose from.

Visit today and find the perfect whiskey to fill your glass!


Niche Barrel Picks:

George Remus "Han Solo Berger," Bourbon MGP  $50.00

Whiskey Acres "667" Bourbon  $60.00

18th Street "Troy" Cask Strength MGP Rye (.375)  $40.00

18th Street "Abed" Cask Strength MGP Rye (.375)  $40.00

Knob Creek "15th Anniversary" Bourbon $56.00

Knob Creek "Number 2" Bourbon $56.00

Deadwood "Tumblin Dice" "Starman" MGP Cask Strength Bourbon  $56.00

Woodford Reserve Bourbon $56.00

Castle & Key Rye "Vin's Diesel" (1st Castle & Key barrel in Illinois"  $62.00

Senator "Padme Amidala" Rye $75.00

High West American Prairie finished 11 months in Cognac Barrel  $56.00

Rebel (Yell) Cask Strength "My Babe" Bourbon  $45.00 



Fox & Oden "Double Oaked"  $100.00

Doc Swinson's 15 year  $155.00

Old Elk Reserve #2 Sour Mash  $95.00

I.W. Harper 15 year  $100.00

Big House Batch 4 (Sazerac 6 year)  $20.00

Very Old Barton 100 proof $12.00 (No limit)

Buffalo Trace Cream  $23.00

Upcoming Niche Barrel Picks:


Buffalo Trace

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