Dinner Menu

Our menu focuses on Contemporary American cuisine.  It’s eclecticism allows the chefs to select foods and cooking styles from around the world, utilizing locally grown produce, artisan cheeses & meats, along with fresh daily seafood. The menu constantly evolves taking into account the change of seasons and weather and their affects on the palate.  Our chefs rely on the concerted effort of the professionally trained kitchen staff to assist in the planning and execution of the menu, which results in great attention to details of flavor, texture and presentation.

Small Plates Menu

Following our philosophy of providing fun and flavorful foods, the small plates menu provides some entertaining options that will not disappoint.  With the menu evolving just as our dinner and dessert menus, your favorite dish could be on the menu next.

Dessert Menu

The dessert menu mirrors the philosophy of the dinner menu, changing with the season and reflecting fresh flavors and a delicate balance of sweet.  We try to put a new twist on sweets, pairing old favorites with modern flair.